‘Journal-isms’ parts ways with Maynard Institute

The 13 year running column “Journal-isms’ is separating from the Maynard Institute  for Journalism Education.

On it’s website, the Maynard Institute wrote:

” The Maynard Institute is currently in a strategic planning process focused on how the Institute can best use its resources to champion diversity in the digital age. After much deliberation, the Board of Directors has decided the Journal-isms column is no longer as critical as it has been toward the Institute achieving its goals and aspirations.
 We truly want to thank Richard Prince for his years of hard work and dedication to Journal-isms. The column’s content has been invaluable to the Institute and its community of readers through the years.  However, given new initiatives needing funding and strategic considerations, we can no longer allocate resources to it.”

Prince said on his website “I’m disappointed, but I’m thankful to Dori Maynard, the late president of the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education, for the idea that resulted in an online version of ‘Journal-isms’ 13 1/2 years ago,”


He went on to say he hopes the column will continue to be published and he is searching for ways to fund it.

“This column won’t end. Over the years, I’ve received so much support from fellow journalists, friends, diversity advocates and industry executives who have let me know that they appreciate what I do and told me how Journal-isms keeps them up to date,” Prince said on his website.




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